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The Branding Process : 5 Phases of Brand Development

Thanks to behemoths like Nike, Levi’s, and Apple, everyone wants to be known and recognized as a brand. The problem lies with the masses, very few realize the following about brands and branding. What is a brand? A brand…

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9 Healthy Tips to go Organic on Social Media

It’s not easy to reap reaches on Social Media. It’s enviable how an individual can earn a whopping number of likes overnight for a personal picture or post whereas a business page has to work hard to get a…

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E-Wallets: How, Why and Why Not

Who would have thought that the rich were not the ones with a thick leather wallet stuffed with currency bills of the higher order? Well, perhaps they are but not necessarily in the current situation. There is one utility…

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Card Sorting for Better Web Design

Card Sorting is a technique used to create and test the information architecture (IA) of a website. To understand and start using the card sorting process, you need to know what information architecture is first. What is Information Architecture? Information…

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