Why Facebook Ads are Important for your Business

Social media has now become a part of our everyday life. From tourist destinations to food hubs, we all rely on social media reviews to make our choices. Which is exactly why Facebook introduced business tools, to help you market your business to the type of audience you choose. Today, 2 million businesses use Facebook advertising for promoting their products and services.

The social media reign is not going to end anytime soon and Facebook is now the king.  If you have a business, then it is high time you make use of the advantages Facebook ads has to offer.

Everyone you need is on Facebook

Currently, Facebook has 2.2 billion active monthly users out of which, 201 million are Indians. Statistics show that around 70% of Indian Users belong to 18 – 24 age group. Around 30% of the Indian population is on Facebook and each and every single person is a potential target audience for you.

Facebook Users 2018

Leading countries based on number of Facebook users as of April 2018 (in millions)

Most Facebook users tend to check their accounts many times a day, so regardless of who you target, they have a very high chance of using Facebook daily, which means that they see your ad every day.

Facebook ads are fast

Since users open Facebook almost every day Facebook ads can reach the target audience really fast. Sometimes, the target audience gets to see the same ad multiple times depending on how frequently they use Facebook.

They are easily measurable

When you do Offline ads, it takes an awful lot of time to understand the performance of your ad campaign, and by the time you come up with a new suitable one, it will be of no use.

Facebook ads, on the other hand, constantly keep track of how your ad is performing, it will give you a clear statistics on how many people your post reached (which will also contain a clear result on the characteristics of those users who has seen the ad). It will also show who clicked on the Call to Action button which will help you measure the response to your ad quite easily.

 You can target specific audiences

Facebook ads complex algorithms help you to target very specific audiences by monitoring their behaviour online. Whether it be by interests, demographics, age ranges, languages, or locations, you can define what kind of users are targeted by your ads. You can even specify multiple characteristics in order to make your targeting more accurate.

Once you discover the kind of audience you get the most response from, you can then find even more qualified leads, which means that your ads will reach new people who match your target audience and are therefore likely to be interested in your business

It helps you push On-the-fence leads with repeated ads and increase repeat business

An audience that has already visited your site, or your Facebook page, might have looked because they are interested and are confused about buying your project or service. When ads about these specific products and others similar to them are shown repeatedly, there is a highly likely chance that it will be purchased.

Similarly, if a customer purchases a certain product, you can import their details into Facebook. You can now advertise to them as they have a better chance to buy from you again if they are satisfied with the first product. For example, if you keep advertising products related to the first purchase, accessories or add-ons, they have a chance of acquiring you a repeat business from the same client.

You don’t need to spend as much money as other ads

Comparing to other offline and online ads, Facebook ads cost very less. If you know your demography clearly, then a small budget is sufficient to advertise to those who are more likely to respond.

Facebook themselves will give you a clear idea of the reach every package offers. The only thing you need to do is fix your budget accordingly.

It helps increase your SEO Rankings

Search engines rely largely on social signals to rank websites. Social signals include activities like shares, comments, likes etc. on your social media. We have already established that Facebook brings a huge amount of responses which obviously increases your social signals. This, of course, increases your SEO Rankings.

Simply spending a lot of money on Facebook ads will not give you desired results. Your ads must be clear and understandable. Facebook offers a variety of ad types for you choose from. Test them and chose the perfect one that fits your business and target. You must use simple language and a content that is attention-grabbing. The colour scheme you choose must be attention striking against the blue and white of the Facebook page. You must keep the ads updated because once someone feels like you are bluffing, then they are going to ignore you. Always make sure that your target audience is defined and craft ads that are appealing to them.